Youtube Sensation: Anwar Hadi and MatLuthfi


Familiar with those names? No? These two guys probably the most influential people from Malaysia in Youtube. Why? Because, each time they posted new videos on the tube, mostly the numbers of view was over 100K! What an accomplishment! 'Tumpang bangga sat'.

A little bit of information about them. Both of them were from Kedah and currently studying in Australia. Dah la kreatif, pandai2 pulak tu. They have been posted numerous videos. Videos that in a way, was heavy with messages, but presented in a very simple way and came out very nice! One similar thing about them, both of them got tonnes sense of humor. Pelawok la. Check it out!

Anwar Hadi

You can check out his profile here.
Then, look out for his videos from here.

Enjoy this one first as introduction...

Ini hok yang lagi soghe.


Facebook (This page was not made by him though)
or you can just go straight to his Youtube.

Check this one out from him first!

footnote: Mamat ni peminat lagu Hujan. Terbaekk!!



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  2. Both of them are just awesome in their way . Instead of matluthfi , i love anwar hadi moreeee :D

  3. @amirrah: beliau lawok..huhu

    @nurul assyiqin: hehe,ok..paham2..haha..


Thanks bagi komen dan tinggalkan jejak anda =)

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