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It is 4.11 in the morning and I still up with the blogging. haha. Yes, I'm pretty exhausted editing this blog to the way you see it right now. I change the template from my old template since I'm not happy with it. Boring. The image below is how it looks before I edited this blog this morning until now. How many hours was that? haha.


Now, I'm quite satisfied with what I have done so far to my blog. I put the title as Stroke of a Pencil since I'm already out of ideas on what to put there. Ideas guys? and if you notice, I put the nuffnang ads above the header as required, I found out how to do it during this looong editing night and it was pretty simple.

Most bloggers put it below the header since the blogspot's dashboard design does not allowed the code to be put above the header. Therefore, they just drag the code below the header under the Design menu. However, you can adjust it by reading this link or you can just simply follow a much easier tutorials here. I highly recommend this one.

Other than that, I added the application for the pages like the one in my blog. I meant the one at the bottom of this blog before Categories. Nice isn't it? You can easily added this to your blog as simple as A, B, C. Read the tutorials here. Ok then, I need to sleep now. haha.

Good night.


  1. pamie, tambah facebook like :)

  2. sudah add dengan jayanya..hehehe..

  3. nice! :)
    wahhhh, berTWITTER sudah ko arrrr...
    siap twit kat LisaSurihani lg hoho..

  4. hahaha..lama dah twitter tu..dri 2 tahun lepas lgi nda silap..sama2 umur blog ni..tpi sebab ak nda tau guna and malas maw explore..ak biar jak..baru2 jak ni aktif..haha..

  5. dh okey sgt ler nie..hehhehe
    nice blog ...hehhe

    my first cmmnt on ur blog....

    try buat pop up comment!!!

  6. haha..

    baiklah cik nana aka Engr nana..

    saya menurut perintah

  7. lam

  8. haha..aku bedal je bro..ok baek2..pasni aku tulis dalam bm balik..

  9. alhamdulillah,sempat jugak la tido pas subuh siang tadi..hehehe..


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