It's 1 past midnight ouh Miss Diary

Dear Diary,

It's Monday already today. The clock shows 1.00 past midnight and I still don't put my body on the bed. I couldn't resist myself from throwing some ideas into this white space of yours. Aaah, I got a meeting tomorrow morning at 9.00. I'm totally not prepared for that.  What should I do? I spent 9 hours already only for editing a header image. How suck am I to spent that much hours for an easy task. A total waste of time!

Yes, it was my fault. But you see, you were just sooo attractive. I just couldn't ignore you for a second. I know, I would miss you badly if I were to leave you. No, no, no, I won't do that! Ever! However, I need my sleep dear. But I promise you, when I wake up tomorrow morning. I would meet you first before everything. Ok? Pinky swear.

Good Night.


  1. Salam.jalan2 singgah sini..nice blog :)
    Jom tengok sakura dekat blog saya^^
    Sudi2 jenguk ye (^____^)


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