DiGi Contest

This is the list of contests from DiGi.

1. FB DiGi Live Party For All

This contest is an attempt to gather profile pictures of Facebook user from Malaysia as many as possible to create the largest petition card ever, that which can't be ignored by Facebook. By pledging your support and then share the app with your friends on Facebook only, you could stand a chance to win not one, but TWO exclusive invites to first ever live Facebook party hosted by DiGi.

The period of this contest is from 18 April 2010 until 3 May 2011. For further details, you can click on the image or just click on the link here.

2. What Berry Are You 2.

This contest is simply just a game where you have to collect 22 achievement badges. After you collect all the badges, you can redeem it for TWO tickets to YUNA INSPIRED SECRET CONCERT! How cool is that? Super cool right? She has become the nation's most popular singer on Facebook with more than half million fans. She's phenomenal! and if you win this contest, you could see her on stage for the whole concert.

The image above is the snippet of the game. I was forth place few days ago. Now, hurm. 

You can also check out the 'Yuna Inspired' contest here. Every week, Yuna will post up a verse of the song, missing a single line, and you can tweet or send a message on Facebook with suggestions to complete the verse. From the 'Yuna Inspired contest', you could win cool prizes like Canon cameras, a signed guitar from The Guitar Store and exclusive invites to the ‘Secret Concert’ held at the end of the project. You could also stand a chance to be a part of Yuna’s upcoming new music video. Check out the contest here.

3. Senang-Senang Menang

Ok. This contest is super hot. The Weekly Prizes is a HONDA CITY! and also Apple iPad and GPS as the daily prizes. But the car? walauwe. hehe. To participate in the contest, send ON WIN to 2882 to subscribe to the content service and participate in the SMS Trivia Contest. Once subscribed, you will receive two contents per day, one charged at RM3 and the other one is free. Then, you should answer as many questions as you want via SMS over 24 hours. Each correct answer will earn you one point and bonus questions will garner you five points! You could win the prizes if you accumulate the highest points for a day and for the whole week!

Click here or the image above for further details. The contest period is 8 weeks. Therefore, there will be 8 Honda City to be won!!

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