Tips To Choose Men's Watch

Maybe you are going to start a new job and want to look professional and confident. Or maybe you are going to an interview for a new job and want to make a good first impression. Well, whatever your situation is, it is always in your best interest at heart to dress for success. 

No one can deny that the first impression you get from others about you is hugely influence by the clothes you wear and the accessories you pair them with. One of the fashion accessories for men that allow you to show off your personality is the watch. To be frank, the watch you wear does more than just tell you time. It helps to tell them a little about you. This is when you want to avoid getting a watch that could be distracting and simply want to look nice for a good first impression. There are a few interesting tips you could keep in mind when choosing the perfect men’s watch

  1. Choose a reputable watch brand as you do not want to wear cheap generic watch that won’t help to impress others. Get a dress watch from famous brands like Citizen, Daniel Wellington or Seiko.
  2. Get a conservative dress watch design and avoid flashy watches! Offices are usually no ‘bling’ zones and you might not want the watch to take the focus off of you and your credentials.
  3. Pick a watch with a normal size watch case for a conservative but classy watch look.
  4. Try to colour coordinate your watch with what you wear and other accessories too so you can look fashionably professional.

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  1. pki jer jam color hitam mixed silver kompom padan dan segak :)


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