Maliau Basin, Sabah's Lost World

Finally, I had the chance to get out from the urban lifestyle and went to The Lost World of Sabah.
Maliau Basin is the single best place in Borneo to experience the wonders of primary tropical forest. More than that, it is one of the world's great reserves of biodiversity, a dense knot of almost unbelievable genetic richness. - Lonely Planet Borneo, 2008
Rest of the team and I, went for jungle trekking and spent 4 days and 3 nights in the conservation area. Our primary goal is to had a view of  the majestic 7-tier Maliau Fall.

Indeed, the trekking punished our fitness, but overall the journey was both fun and amazing. We get to see various fascinating biodiversity of the conservation area, untouched and shall not be abused. The conservation area itself was a secret to the world. It is always been covered by clouds and I had to say, waking up each day with fogs around you was an amazing experience.

There are few camps in the jungle where we had our fitness recovered for trekking on the next day which is Camel Trophy camp and Ginseng camp. Next to Ginseng camp is a small fall called Ginseng Fall.

Up to this date, there are 4 falls has been found which is Takob Akob Fall, Giluk Fall, Ginseng Fall and Maliau Fall. There is also one new fall has been found by the rangers located several kilo meters away from Camel Trophy camp and they call it Panorama fall, for now.

Maliau Fall is the highlight of our 4 days of trekking. To the new onlookers, it feels like the sound of the fall could wash away your problems. It has a beauty on its own. Overall, the trekking was exhausting. However, the experience was extremely remarkable.



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