I am Now a Proud Civil Engineer

On 2 January 2014, primary and secondary schools around Malaysia has open their doors for students after a long year end school breaks. But, on the very first day, few pictures were shared online and social media such as facebook and went viral. Pictures of students in unfortunate situation, crying but at the same time, quite funny. hehe.

Looking back, the only thing I could remember were friends pee on their pants and that once happen to me when I was in Standard 2, year 1994. Unfortunately. Haha. But nowadays, the situation are different. Why aaaa? hahaha.

I need to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all teachers around the world, especially to my beloved teacher and lecturer at S.K.Sg Lada, S.K.Pekan 1, S.M.K.Labuan, Labuan Matriculation College and Universiti Malaysia Pahang. 

Thanks to the dedication, I am now a proud Civil Engineer.

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